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Yet another customer with an imported sign. This time from New York. When I received this every tube was smashed.  So it was rebuilt from what was good, of the original sign. A shame the transformer (still working)  was no good for the UK consumer, being 110v for the USA market. Anyway many improvements in this version than the original. The main difference being the centre of the sign. I replaced the Capital "B" of white neon with a mirror and some vinyl detailing appropriate to the design. The lettering was shaped again from new. This time the lettering was shaped from an  improved pattern and the painting done by hand as apposed to dipping. This was more time consuming but the finished result was far better than the original sign which was far too small to produce the lettering to a readable and tidy standard. This looks sharp and much time and effort went into producing something that someone  could be proud of once again. The centre of these signs usually sports a white neon "B" double line. But the intricate layout of the glass bending ruins the look and I may try a single line version of the "B". with 90 degree electrodes to protrude to the rear of the sign for tidy wiring purposes and would also support the look of something from earlier days of signage with a pair of glass insulating sleeves or Bell glasses. At this Stage I think it would also benefit from the mirror being brought forward. These improvements will have to wait for a spare day..


A Close up of the centre of the sign.

Dimmed for this photo. Above

Camera Flash on exposing everything.  Above

Graphic details on a  mirrored Background looks smart and sharp..


This about what the naked eye sees..


Tidy neon glass bending.  Above


Brightness turned up for this photo  Below