Established 2001    Tel 0113 2361 260  Mob 07833 953 664   Neonidea 2016


Established 2001    Tel 0113 2361 260  Mob 07833 953 664   Neonidea 2016    


Junaid Jamshed Project

Richards Retreat

Besbrode Piano's

Gala Casino's - Casino Magic

Selecta Car Showroom

Jungle Kids - Soft Play Centre

Flares Nightclubs - Animated Boxes

      Thanks for taking the time to browse the gallery. These pictures were allocated over a period of ten years or so of being in the neon sign business. Either taken by myself or emailed from customers whom they were made for. Neon is not easy to photo and people don't always take the best pictures.

  If you squint your eyes a little you can see the image of the Ra Ra Girl more clearly. It doesn't help being mounted over a window, as the reflection muddles up the view a little.



The Twisted Burger Company approached us and wanted to know if their logo could be made in neon. The templates were hand drawn and the glass blower did his interpretation of the logo in neon tubing. Several companies turned this work away and said it couldn't be done, but when they came to a professional neon company that specializes in making these kind of things, we said yes! we'd love too do it..







   Yet another bar opens this November (2014). The Forge. This customer had some great ideas they wanted to put into play. The glowing Amber  represents the light from the molten metals and the holes in the letters allow the cinders to be seen (the neon).  Lots of nice touches to detail all over this bar, hope it proves to be popular for the new owner.


Awaiting a night time photo opportunity.



 Owner Nigel wanted it to be Ye Olde Worldly. So the type face was Old English. It's definitely not the easiest style to do, extremely time consuming and challenging for the first job of 2015.