Repairs to Neon signs and tube repairs. Neon tube re-gassing service. Transformer replacements and advice.

   If you have a neon sign that fails. It's always a tube or a transformer that is providing the weakest link in the circuit. So transformers can be replaced and tubes remade or repaired.

   Firstly transformers, if you take a photo of the transformer, a replacement may then be purchased. It is always best to try to photograph the labels on the transformer as this contains all the details you need for the replacement. If the existing transformer details are not available a replacement would have to be worked out on footage of the tubing, so a photo of all the glass and sign would be needed. Some close ups of the electrodes and tubing themselves and measure the tubes from end to end if you can. From this you should be able to obtain what size of transformer was previously running the sign. Transformers are easily recognisable for a trained engineer to roughly know what Kv they output, just by looking at them.

 Secondly Glass, sometimes you can tell straight away that a piece of glass is broken. Well you can either see it's missing or hanging off the wall or quite plainly broken in two. If this is what you have then slide back the electrode covers and untwist the wiring from the electrodes. Using snips cut the tie wire which holds  the glass to the supports, some newer signs now have snap into supports which don't require wire to hold the glass down. You have now removed the glass and can pack it well in an oversized box with lots of packing materials to stop further breakages. But before you do this you must trace around the tube on paper. This may show how the pieces go together if there is more than one piece, also if further breakages take place during posting or transporting of the glass, then you still have the template to refer to. If parts of the glass section are missing then put these details on the drawing of the tube, how you require it to be finished off. If the tubing fits inside a built up letter, a rubbing of the actual letter may tell the glass blower the missing details. You wouldn't want to return to your sign with a piece of glass that will not fit, so get as many details as possible. Most tube repairs are around 45.00 per tube, more extensive repairs will cost more (subject to a labour charge ). Sections with multiples letters are usually better off made from fresh.

 Some tubing is better off remade than repaired. Especially if glass is extensively broken. Phosphor can be damaged quite easily by a sudden rush of air into a tube blowing all the powder to one end. Resurrection from this can never be overcome. Others are just easier to remake than repair. Some new tubes will stand out amongst other dated pieces of glass. These tubes will be repaired for the reason they match the rest of the sign. I refer you to the picture on the right ( The Northern Light ). If you don't want to look like this then you may have to have all the tubes remade as old faded tubes will never match new ones. At the end of the day budgets for sign maintenance should be considered annually, it's what keeps customers coming to your restaurant, after all,  if your not lit up, you are probably not open. So I'm off to eat somewhere else..

 We are not a large sign company, but cater for those that surround us. Most sign company's don't manufacture their own lighting anymore. They don't have the know how or staff to implement this. They fail to turn up with proper templates and then bring broken glass in bits, that are impossible to put together without the right details. It can be costly to them when they have a cherry picker or crane waiting on site. It needs to be done straight away and correct first time. Honestly this happens with inexperienced company's, I have had them ask for six inches adding to a tube length when only one inch will fit. Guess what?  no template was provided.




 The Green band on this transformer label, helps us identify it's a 37ma. The 9.002 suggests it's 9000Kv. So it's a  9Kv/37ma

A blue band is 50ma and a red band  is 25ma. I say this because they are not always readable when they have had ten years or so of whether conditions, or a lick of paint at some time. The colour can still be seen if the lettering cannot be read unless the badge is missing completely.


But seriously if you need a neon sign engineer to come and check out your neon sign, give us a call or send us your details, and arrangements will be made.

Mob. 07833 593 664


 A good mixture of old tubes and new tubes in this picture. It's a great example of what you don't want from a neon repair. All these tubes need to be replaced at the same time, to return this sign to its original glory. Regular annual maintenance may save you money. But replacing tubes spasmodically, as they fail one at a time, as the years go on. The sign will inevitably end up looking like the Northern Lights to the left. Alternatively if your strapped for cash you will have to have them done individually, to keep the sign alive.

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