What do you need? A box or a frame mounted sign? A full box provides protection, a frame has nothing to protect people from touching glass so choose which suits your needs. Neon can be wall mounted anywhere safe from harm. Deep shelves can be placed below or fixed furniture to stop folk from becoming to close and act as a natural barrier to keep a proximity from customers. The picture below Blayds Bar is an open faced box  also known as a tray. Internally up a against a window this is ok. Outside is a different story as the weather gets in and will need to be cleaned regular. Annual  maintenance  needs to be considered especially after many years of service. Most people wait for the sign to go out. Some franchises will replace a full set of tubes every three years or so to keep up the new appearance..


 Some beer signs are repairable, but just because you got it from a car boot sale for a fiver doesn' t mean it will be cheap to restore. Most restorations are between 200 - 300.Dirty tubes can be re-gassed and cleaned internally to remove dark spots or deposits from within the tube itself.

Above  Frame mounted neon sign

Nightclub neon signs should  have a box with a clear front to protect people from touching. If out of reach of customers a frame may provide a cheaper alternative to an expensive Perspex or polycarbonate box.

Built Letters

There's one thing that's certain, a neon sign will get you noticed. That's if you own one of these hand crafted landmarks for your business. After all advertising is wanting to be seen by all, so why not purchase something everybody will see and remember. On a dull rainy day this is what the doctor would order if he needed to be seen, to be open. Doesn't matter what the sign reads. Just the fact it's on. This alone says "hello, we are open for business." 

    So if you would like to purchase one of these for yourself, a few things you may take into consideration.....

     Colour    There are around 35 standard colours which covers most from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, turquoise, pink, purple, UV, and varying shades of all these. example ( Blue ) , light blue, midnight blue, standard blue, pale blue, deep blue  and finally dark blue all completely different forms of blue light. These are made from different combinations of glass colour , phosphor and gas type. Rare colour can be made from funky combinations of the three, thus giving a potential of over 80 colours...

  Position   The sign a place where it's safe. Ok you don't want some one careless to smash it, so don't leave it precariously balanced on a window ledge. Wall mounted out of hands reach is best and safest for many reasons. Preferably in a plastic case for extra protection, but if out of harms reach, a frame of mild steel is a cheaper alternative to an expensive plastic box. Preferably not too far from a plug socket...
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Neon Point of Sale Sign

Neon has a striking effect on the eye, it's sharp defining line makes a visual stand out.

Is a powerful asset as visual merchandise, seen in many TV advertisements, shop windows, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, amusement arcades, theme parks, fast food outlets, cinemas. It's all around you, in places where you would not know to look during the day. But when night falls the illuminated shop window stays open for business, whilst it's dark neighbours are passed by without a glance.


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